A highlight from Bitcoin: A Dead Cat Bounce Or??


The tried to cope Podcasts that's where you are at right. Now i've got a great weekend. Big one moved a lot of stuff into escape yet. We're getting the house. Cleaned up across the market wasn't a great deal until two day. Of course now let me talk to you about where we are right now because we bounced. Hod now lost wake last week. We closed down. Twelve point seven four percent which added to wake before closing down six point. Three nine percent nap. What way currently have is the beginning of a new way. Of course we do. It's monday that he's currently up. Seven point one two percent had a good bounce. It looks super duper sitting pulled back into the cradle on the daily trends. Still very ugly. And it's going to be interesting to save. Bitcoin continued drive higher. Or if we just see this as being relative pullback because let's be honest it's full neely law and pretty much actually law from its highs. Its lies fill twenty percent so to say about seven percent will actually from the lows. The bounce is actually bane a little bit significant to where it is now that twelve percents bounce from those lows over a relatively short period of time. So look at as positive. And don't get me wrong. I do like to see the grain on the shots guy but honestly Wrought now the bottom line is this We are not out of the woods yet. I wanna see sustained bind on bitcoin. It's in the right spot on the weekly right now is pulled into but could it go lower you. Dan strike it could go. Yes absolutely but for the time being it is great what it has done across many of the markets that has killed a lotta trends. Many trends will just saw it ways. We did see a lot of the market just sitting absolutely so why some markets was still pushing with hoya highs on high alert. Not many salon is one. That's on my list moment looking for tried stalking a try on the full But yeah it's a lot of the market has codeine wiped out the downtrends. The wear employees of now being taken out apply with these big green candles the uptrend while the went to many. We're gonna need to white. Simplicity to coming. This morning was actually. In fact. I scan of the year and the first of all i can remember quite a long time like i can't remember the last one to be honest. Well i literally had. Nothing scanned hundreds of shots and ended up with nothing in my watchlist so it was a good day to do other things of course to You know what's what's going on run with bitcoin. Were fifty two thousand two hundred and sixty nine a to sit continue in an upward trajectory. I'd like to four al. Get some seclusive back. It'd be nauseated. Push up the fifty thousand relatively quickly on densely approved by that to give us a high and then set off a guys we've got that daily trend than back into an upward momentum. Move and that's when. I'll stop talking a lot more on bitcoin in particular for long now of course if you're new to cryptocurrency digital assets and whatnot this a bit concerning it might have been a bit considering over the last couple of weeks because bitcoin has just kind of said before full in a straight line and doesn't feel very nice but you're in volatile market. That's why bitcoin you can go from ten thousand to sixty thousand short space of time. He's still caught early as far as on in the big scheme of things. So you did so. You bought more what you'll happy. That's the most important thing. So yeah fifty thousand five ninety-one one on bitcoin. We go to theory of now. Six point three percent. It really didn't give too much back to be fair You know we did not have a weight to close down loss week. It was up three point. Seven six percent still look strong. It just keeps on ticking away. A dining the trends not grind on a theorem as a two thousand four hundred. Seventy two and honestly. It's not very powerful. Tom is go. You good thing except pay up. Eleven point two percent today. The biggest Tennis as far as the moves go is. Xl paid pulled back into that cradles on on the to die bullish candle printing there which will close tomorrow not affect. There is a number of candles out the look. Good on the On the two in three shots the moment in the wake lace all the king close on those two and three days week closing very soon. It's donald v dana next managed to hold that one dollar. And i'm hoping you save big things again not much of a trend that up. Eleven point five five percents. It stands bitcoin cash on the two uniform. Candle rod that in that cradles. I right where we wanted. Last week did pull heavily. Twenty two percent to be honest it was a big big big move and we're hundred seventeen dollars. It's upset and a half percent today dot up ten percent right now. Did pull back into that cradles Glades just being a bit messy for quite some time Pretty good selling off over the last of weeks similar to bitcoin to thirty two older ninety cents in its slide right up so You know with dot having the potential to really move it some up to the good spot gonna wait and see how the guy seven point five percent unlock coincide. Children forty one dollars and fifty one cents another shot. there were three and a two-day it sitting pretty man. It is ching High the three light shot needs another one day. I came hours so that will be on zero wednesday. That kind of will close but tell you to look at futures positions here on a text. Because it's a it's a it's a. Dan shot to be honest. It looks really good unless high timeframe and it's upsetting points in bonnets. Five point seven percent held a grand pretty well around five hundred to five thirty seven and fifty cents right now. Know much of no much to work with but skirts trying to kilom- atlas-iia dollar dollar. I take another one that held a mock up nine percent and Look honestly again very solid.

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