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This is the we served now. What podcast and if you're anything like me you've had a ton of questions after leaving the military and the lack of answers has left you frustrated and probably a little confused. This show is here to help you make sense of the craziness that is post military life so you can turn your post military life into your best life. Money was aaron perkins a. Us army combat veteran husband to a beautiful wife. Daddy to amazing kiddos and on this episode of the show. I want to talk to you about identifying your passion in life and how you do that. That's a big question. I think we all have even if we haven't put into so many words like how do identify my passion in life. It's like well aaron. Who are you to talk about identifying passion. Well number one. I've identified my own number two. I developed a process to do just that net processes called the nine line framework which i put into the book called resolve. That is just a step by step guide for you. The veteran to help you to rediscover purpose meaning and you guessed it. Passion in your post military life before i dive into the episode today. I want to take a few minutes until you a little story. I myself love stories. I love hearing them. And i love telling them and this story is really near and dear to my heart because it's about my son. His name is christopher and you may have heard me talk about him on the show before But this story. I've never actually shared on the show because actually just happened about a week or two ago and my son christopher almost twelve years old. he's a normal kid. Not a huge fan of school. Really good in school gets really good grades Does everything well is i. I don't know if i would say popular. But you know people like him he. He's just a normal kid. And he. And i we have this unique Father son relationship. I mean we joke around a lot. We have a very very similar Sense of humor. So we have memes that will share back and forth and that's actually across our entire family that we can laugh at together and everything but this story about his passion for video games. Now you might be thinking well yeah. He's eleven year old boy. eleven year. Old kid boy girl the one but he's eleven year old kid and he loves video games. Yeah what kid doesn't we're here's the thing. He is not just passionate about video games. He is passionate about tech in school and his technical classes studying python programming language. He studying java script and his his his little techy and he loves the technical aspect of it. Well there's this that he has for one of his platforms. And it's called beets saber. You may have heard of it. It's on playstation four for vr. And it's on oculus quest to In fact every year. we're pretty much every year. We get a family gift at christmas and this past year. The family gift that we all could use was the oculus quest to and that is a a virtual reality gaming system. That's fully wireless but the headset on. Hold the controllers and you could just play play games fun and while he has been absolutely just going nuts over this thing having so much fun with it. Well again. this game beats saber. You can create your own levels if you modify the game and there is no right or wrong i should. There is a right or wrong way to do it but there is no manual that you can look at and say okay. This is how you modify find the game. So he gets on discord. he's he finds Some experts who know about modifying the game he chats with him for hours. Some of some of them are as friends he's he's played games with everything and he's talking to them. Like how do i modify this game. What do i need to do. He figures out the programs. He needs to us figures out how to roll the game back to a previous edition. Now he knows how to launch the game with these modifications so he can play his own levels on the game. Keep in mind. This had nothing to do with school this nothing to do with any requirement. This was just something that he wanted to do something that he is naturally gifted at and naturally naturally passionate about and that is that's what that's one of the things i wanna point out here. Today is your passion in life is most likely going to be something that you are naturally geared toward you are naturally good at and maybe even it may even be something that you have spent a lot of time practicing and preparing at and you've spent a lot of time working on developing that skill. It could be anything from woodworking to the medical field to an to. I'm the the passion ideas for your life are virtually endless. But you heard me referenced. The nine line framework earlier. And as i look at this nine line framework. You know again. It's it's this step by step guide. It is the process that helps you rediscover passion in your life after the military. And i look at these these lines in here. These chapters and the storage is told about my son. I can see him in these chapters. I can see how his passion is coming out just in the things that he is naturally doing now in the last episode i mentioned and talked about quite a bit actually line four. Which is what is my personality type. you know. why does it matter. And it's not even so much. Why does it matter. But how does that. Impact me and my passion and my purpose for life. And so i'm going to touch on line for a little bit today but i want to give you some examples from line five later in the show about discovering that passion in your life but line four again i used sixteen personalities dot com. You can go there right now. You can take this free assessment to figure out to learn what your personality type is and again that is not the only tool you can use you. Can use myers briggs. You can use the disk assessment. There are so many tools you can use to figure out your personality because in the military unless you are you had a way different experience than i did. They really ask you. What your what your passion was or even more specifically. They didn't ask what your personality was. Just said hey here the jobs you can pick from pick a job do your job and then you go your military career and you get out and now you're here listening to this show and saying man. How do identify my passion in life. What is it that i am passionate about. How do i find that. Well you'll hear me say this more than once. Pick up a copy of the resolve book. That is really your first step to figuring out your passion and your purpose and your meaning in your life after the military but again light for just goes over. What is your personality type. It walks you through that process of discovering who you are and who you're meant to be and line five asks another question it says what do i have to offer. And that's very specific to you. What do you have to offer the world. Because i believe that. A life focused on making a difference in the world as a life worth living. I think that's really what we're all after is that we want to make a difference. Maybe it's just in our own personal lives. Maybe it's in the lives of our friends or family or our church or our school whatever it may be or or if your teacher may be your students you want to make that positive impact and so line five walks you through that process of figuring out what it is that you have to offer so coming up after the break. That's what i'm going to talk about. I'm gonna share some examples and walk you through blind five and sharing this for free and you can pick up a copy of the book on amazon or on kerr's to fight again dot com but i'm gonna share the the line five here with you and some examples that can help you figure out what it is you are passionate about in your life. That's after the break. Stay with us. Many americans today. Don't realize the stress and anxiety they feel is most likely because of their finances according to bankrate.com more than six out of ten people couldn't cover a one thousand dollar emergency seven out of ten. Don't budget regularly. An eight out of ten are living paycheck to paycheck to these describe you. Are you ready to live like others. Can't too many make the mistake of budgeting their lifestyle instead of budgeting their basic needs. I my friend. Marco over at mc business lab has a simple process to automate the basic things. You need to live and then never looking at one of those bills again. Head over to live like others can't dot com to get on the wait list for his own line course to learn this automation skill. That will significantly reduce your stress and anxiety. And if you think one on one attention could be the way for you. You can also schedule your free consultation with marco once again that's live like others can't dot com get on the path to your dream life today all right so as we go into these examples. I want you to have an open. Mind here right some of these examples. You may not even thought of. But i i want you to keep in mind that some of these may not apply to you. Some of the may apply to you perfectly but before we get into those examples and went to review. Read you this quote from a retired general martin. Dempsey actually had him on the show. A few seasons ago A great conversation. You can go check that out. He talks about you know continuing to provide leadership in your post military life again. If you don't know years he is the former or the lissi would number was of eighteenth chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and so again great guy. We had a great conversation. Should go check that out. But i want to read you a quote. He said sometimes we wait for thunderclaps drum rolls and clearly on calls to alert us to what's important when actually it's most often the subtle and persistent signals around us. That make the most difference. I want you to think about that for a minute when you think about your passion and life and what. You are naturally geared toward what are those subtle and persistent signals. So in in the book. I talk about the subtle and persistent signal. I got even as a child as a teenager. Really that writing is something i am. Naturally gifted at is something. I'm naturally good at in fact My mother found a poem that i had written She was cleaning. My room was teenagers. Don't ask me why she was cleaning my room and she didn't make me do it but i'm very grateful for her but she was cleaning my room and she comes into the room and she sees this poem that i wrote and when i get home from school she asked me about it. She says hair. Where did you copy this phone for. Almost didn't copy it. I wrote it. And i'm all of a sudden proud of myself because see my mother had always been this voracious reader with a strong command of the english language so hearing her say something like that. Which implied the poem was of this incredibly high quality right. It has stuck with me to this day. That aaron you you're naturally gifted at that and that the poetry. It wasn't anything i had to do. It was something i had in my head and maybe even my heart and just wrote it down. It was something. I felt naturally wrong to do. Just like my son was naturally drawn to develop this modification for this game and figure out all the additional software he needed and how to modify it and how to play the game afterward. I was actually drawn to writing so in that case even though my son and i we get along great and we have great father son relationship were way different as far as our passions. Go and that's okay. It's the thing is my. My writing skills are they. Were constantly improving through my life and the funny thing is even as i wrote the book wonder like am i the most qualified person to to write this book. Maybe maybe i am gifted at writing right. Maybe i am good at this. But am i the most qualified person and so why do i tell you this right. I tell you this. Because i want you to realize something that i'm still learning myself. The skills you have are probably around eighty percents better than you actually think. I want to say that again. The skills that you have are probably around eighty percent better than you actually think. Now what are get the eighty percent number. You know statistically they say what is seventy. Six percent of statistics are made up on the spot. I will say this. Evidence is more inaccessible and nature. But the things you are passionate about. You are geared toward learning more about it it just this natural thing. It's not something that you can really force. Can you learn things and learn more about Passions in your life. of course. you can't can you learn how to take care of the zales in your garden or in your new hangar. The year rose garden right. Is rose garden on. That makes sense but i looked at my window and saw zulia so i i mentioned it so it. Can you learn about that. Scher will you be passionate about it. Maybe you can develop a passion for it but passionate in your life is is this area of your life. That's built in. Its this natural part view. And so where do you go from here right. What are those examples that promised you a before we get into those examples. I want to share with you just a few questions that you can write down to ask yourself and you can kind of fill these out like to help you figure out where you go from here and figure out what it is you have to offer the world so the first question goes right along the lines of my story. I just told about not only about my son but about myself. I have always been good at blank. Fill in the blank there. What is it that you have always been good at something. That seems easy for you for me. It was english and grammar and for my son. Tech is easy for him. Technologies easy for him super easy a he is are basically our systems administrator at the house. he knows so much about For my daughter the things she is naturally good at and she finds easy music. She finds that incredibly easy from wife. She finds the medical field incredibly easy to pick up on. And it's not because it's not challenging to learn it's because we have a passion for those particular things in our lives. Here's a second question you can ask yourself. I don't know why. But i really just enjoy doing the following things and then list those things what things that you do really bring you joy for me. It's writing it's crafting something from nothing. It's looking at this blank page and putting words on it and impacting the world with a those words. And let's see what's the next one number three this. This is kind of long ones. All probably read it a couple of times. I never thought about what. I'm naturally good at and what i enjoy until what so for this question. Think of a time your life in which our knowledge or skills or ability was needed. Think of a time when you were able to use it and you suddenly realized that brought you joy so i to read that one again and explain that a little more. I never thought about what. I'm naturally good at and what i enjoy until this particular event in my life. I never thought about me being really good at writing until my mother when i was fourteen. Fifteen years old picked up that poland in my room and said hey this is really good. Where did you copy this from. I never thought about that. My son may not have ever thought about how good he is attack. Until i pointed it out and said dude that is amazing that you figure that out on your own you contact the experts in and you did everything needs to do on your own and so when you think we think of that like okay. I never thought about what i'm naturally good at. And what i enjoy until a particular event in your life and you think about when your knowledge or your skills or abilities were needed and and then you say okay. I was able to use it at that point in my life and then you suddenly realize man that made me feel really good. That brought me joy. That was dare. I say it fun and a lot of times. We as adults we. We tend to tend to think like well. You know i'm an adult. I don't need to have funding more. I shouldn't be having fun anymore. I'm more focused on business and and making money taking care of my family. Those are all great things but at the end of the day passion following that passion pursuing that passion your life a lot of times what it feels like is fun just a lot of fun number four thing. You can ask yourself. I was able to make a difference in a person's life by using one or more of my unique abilities which not only made a difference but it brought me joy as well and the question is list those skills or abilities that you use to impact someone's life or to make a difference in the world for me. They'll be writing for my son that might be tech my daughter that might be music for my wife that might be the medical field. So there's so many things that again virtually unlimited number of things where you can find passion in your life and it's those things that you are naturally geared toward they. Here's a few examples. I'm going to review these for you just to give you a sense of where you can find passion in your life and don't get caught up on the stories themselves. I want you to imagine yourself. What is it that you personally find your passionate about. Here's example number one. I was a cormon in the navy. And i learned a lot about helping others in times of medical crisis. I found so much joy. In this. I knew my job well and i knew i was making a difference. Pretty simple right pretty direct and so this person says hey. I knew what i was doing was making a difference. And i found joy in it. Here's another really good one along the video games. A video games idea. I love playing video games call of duty fortnight minecraft you name it. I get a sense of joy out of playing them and truth be told. I'm pretty good at it. My unique personality which i found in line for which i now understand. It equips me well as a teacher and so a combined those elements to start a video game players club in my community. We get together. We eat snacks. Play video games. Hold tournaments and get to know each other better. It's such a great time. And i love it. So being a woman in the navy versus playing video games way different right but still these people can find passion in these things see. Here's a here's another one very a very hands on example. I've never really enjoyed school or sitting in the classroom. But one thing i do enjoy working with my hands getting my hands dirty now that i know my unique personality type again that he learned in line for i understand more about wild like this type of work and why i tend to dislike sitting in the classroom. I love solving problems. I distinctly remember one time when my elderly neighbors toilet was leaking. She asked me. If i knew someone who could help and gladly volunteered myself. I checked out the situation figured out what. The problem was unseated. The toilet installed a new wax ring and reseeded the toilet. She was so grateful. And i had fixed a problem for her. I felt really good about myself. That's huge The the the What do you call it. The joy the inner joy that comes from making a positive difference in someone else's life is absolutely huge. Now here's here's the last example share with you because we're running up on time but this one. I really liked this one. Because i have a dog. I love my dog and a lot of you probably have pets as well but this one says. I am a pet whisper. Yes it may sound silly to some. But i have an incredible heart for dogs cats birds and just about any other animal who is suffering or quote unquote down on their luck. In fact i have adopted two dogs and two cats. I've them better lives. This has been so rewarding to me and it is a passion. I continue to pursue. See the thing is there is not one specific passion that we are all going to find fulfilling the passion in your life is going to be your own. Here's the last thing. I want to share with you how we are built as humans. We're designed to live our best life in the context of relationships with other people. I to say that again as humans. We're are designed to live our best lives in the context of relationships with other people. You know chances are we're not all going to be billionaires or a world famous politicians. Are you know billboard topping musicians but we can all make a difference when we find that passion in our lives. We all have a lot of questions but the most important question you can ask yourself is this have. I accepted the forgiveness of sins. That only comes through faith in jesus christ. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Hope it's been helpful for you and that you've learned at least a little bit about identifying that passion in your life again you can pick up a copy of the resolve book at courage to fight again dot com or on amazon and i will share those links in the show notes as i typically do. Leave us a review. I tunes at definitely helps so much. Of course follow social media kurds. Finding in dot com is our website. Thank you so much for listening. We will see you next time.

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