A highlight from INFAMOUS: Prom Night Murders

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Wracking dangerous and truly scary. You absolutely need to know what happens next. Joined the investigation as sasquatch takes you wear. Outsiders aren't welcome and rumors of legendary. Violence have kept people away for generations stream sasquatch now available only on hulu high crime junkies. I'm your host ashley flowers and i'm brett and do i have a do z. Of a case for you today. And here's the thing. This is a well known case. Like there's been a forty eight hours books the whole nine. And if you're from indiana. Like britain. I this case defined the small town of lakeville for years because it seemed like such a senseless crime. There was a pastor his wife and her two daughters who were brutally murdered inside their own home for seemingly no reason or at least a senseless reason. It took over a decade for an arrest to finally be made and then another four years before somebody actually went to prison for the crime but at least it was solved. Or at least that's what you've probably heard if you've been around indiana long enough and it might be true but if you're crime junkie you know. There are two sides to every story and one side of this story has never been told so. Take my advice. Stick around to the very last second of this episode. 'cause audio chuck's about to tell a whole new story and it's a story. No one's ever heard before this is the prom night.

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