How Is Celiac Disease Diagnosed?

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Silly disease can't be self diagnosed. And the only way it can be diagnosed with a blood test to see if you have the genetic marker for steel eac along with a blood test for i g antibodies. What's known as a a as an awesome while. You're eating gluten so you need to see if you have those antibodies while you're eating gluten because that tells you whether your body is in fact reacting to gluten and the technical name for this task for anyone who's gonna take this to the doctor and ask about it. Technical name is the serum anti tissue trans glue. Tammy's i g antibodies test or anti t t g. I g a test is quite a mouthful but you can ask your medical doctor about getting it and generally providers with an md or the only ones who can administer this test working with a provider who doesn't have an md. Usually they cannot prescribe tasks like this or right for tests. Like this. And i would really recommend working with an md instead of an alternative medicine practitioner. In your workup for silly disease. Anyway because there's a lot of misinformation and false diagnoses out there about gluten related disorders that are floating around in the integrative and alternative medicine world which is really. Rife with what i call the wellness diet that sneaky modern guise of diet culture that pretends to be all about health and wellness but his actually just another form of deprivation and dietary perfectionism

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