U.S. Lifts Pause on Use of Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine


We are no longer recommending pause to the johnson and johnson vaccine. I support the a cip's recommendation that the johnson and johnson covid nineteen vaccine be used for persons eighteen years of age or older in the united states population under the fda's emergency use authorization. And i have signed this recommendation with these actions. The administration of johnson johnson covid nineteen vaccine can resume immediately. Where you haven't ten days. After pausing the use the johnson johnson coronavirus vaccine and fda cleared the one shot vaccine just over an hour ago. A decision praised. Dr fauci the fact that the cdc in the fda originally hawes wiz should underscore to everyone that we take safety very very seriously so when a vaccine is let out again to be able to be vaccinating people in this country you can rest assure. The that's a safe inefficacious vaccine early last week. Federal health officials call for halton usa vaccine after six women between the ages of eighteen. forty developed. A rare blood clotting disorder at the time more than seven million doses have been administered since. Then we now know of fifteen cases of this specific disorder. Three people have died. Four people were sent to intensive care. Those cases are not nothing i mean. There's a reason. I think they paused it. But today s cdc panel that went through this thoroughly said the vaccine's benefit out with risks. Although they did pose a potential warning label the decision to resume using the vaccine gives us back another important tool in our arsenal fight. This virus as ever. us adult is now eligible. Get shot

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