French Cops Hunt International Gang Of Lego Thieves

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Say they're building a case against an international gang of toy thieves. These aren't your ordinary toy. Thieves the very specific specializing in stealing. Only legos they have warned specialty shops and even parents to be aware of a global underground trade legos. I had no idea legos. Were worth so much money. I'm going to call my mother. Make go in the attic. Mom go up in the attic and find my goes okay. What do you want me to do now via legos. Forty and do and no one wants legos. No one place with legos anymore. What are you frigging. I was impression on my mother but it wasn't that accurate now. This alert comes after officers arrested. Three people a woman in two men you all you call this your international gang of thieves two men and a woman. They arrested them in the process of stealing boxes of legos from toy store outside of paris under questioning the suspects all from poland reportedly admitted that they were part of a bigger team. Specializing in stealing legos sought by i mean. Can't you just by legos on amazon. I didn't realize that liberals were so rare. Here's a quote from an investigator in france. Zilog community isn't just a made up of children. There are numerous adults who play with zella goes. There are legal swaps legal sales on the internet. We've also had people complaining. Zero homes have been broken into in lagos have been stolen and right from their homes. Can you believe it. In the firm's this gang were first reported in november twenty nineteen and again in february twenty twenty the same gang sitcom to france. They set up in the hotels in the paris region. Then they set about the rating toy stores before returning to poland to sell off their lego hall.

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