A highlight from Minor League Rule Changes, Brooklyn Title Expectations, and One Year Podcasting in a Pandemic

The MLB Show


Back the week to see to another week by metal yesterday. Because if you didn't say it i was gonna i love it with my new yogi tea. He you know what it is that it's true. It's so funny. Because i remember in the beginning of us doing the pod people would hit us with the. Why is he always in the yogi tea. Like he's always in the yogi tea. We first started doing the pod it was. We would do it a lot from the stadium. Yeah i would always come you know before or after be in. That was my club. Clubhouse awarded yogi literally every day in the clubhouse And i didn't realize. I wanted to fucking yogi shirt every bad home to until we started doing the power from home every day. I got this yogi tea on every week. So my on my throw those out man. It's a great shirt. Though and i love your rocketed nets on. Yes soda as much as you are. We will take as much nets on. Yes viewership able so. Yeah man this crazy hamas basketball. Been watching lately. It's just. I don't know like i watch less. Tv now that. I'm that i'm not an athlete. Me more remember how how much. Tv like crazy about netflix. And all of that stuff and everything like maybe. Because i'm not traveling as much as like. I don't know i just watch a lot of sports like a lot of who you know what i mean like after. Six o'clock is all basketball. Do you think it's because you've also exhausted. All of the shows at the beginning of the new shows coming on all the time. You know what i'm saying like. Yeah it's new shows out like my wife is watching the show on netflix. Now the one and it's about this This these two would. I came up with this company and You can take your dna in matches to the one person in the world. That's your true love so like is this. is this like no no it's a it's a scripted. Show yeah yeah. Yeah that's right. Yeah yeah okay so this is the question you're married right. You bought the baby. Would you do it if they know that

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