A highlight from Mike McDerment: Corporate Cultural Blind Date Bonding


I'm mike mcdermott. One of the founders of fresh books longtime ceo today on the show. We're gonna talk about how you can perpetuate a great culture given how hard that is to do blind dates in the workplace and share a cement steps. I made her brown meeting people in hopes you can learn from them. And maybe now congratulations. You are tuned into dov barons leadership and loyalty show the number one podcast for fortune five hundred executives and those who were dedicated to creating a quantum leap in leadership. Your host dove barron. He's an executive mentor to leaders. Like you a contributing writer for entrepreneur magazine ceo world. And he's been featured on cnn fox cbs and many other notable sites dov. Baron is an international business speaker who is named by inc. Magazine has one of the top one hundred leadership speakers to hire now over to dov baron. Welcome to your friends. Fans and fellow aficionados of leadership. Excellence joining us on this episode of leadership and loyalty tips for executives. Let me ask you what you need to do to upload leadership. I'm curious have you ever met someone that you had some not so great preconceived ideas about when you met them. You will blow away about how well you got alone. She one of the challenges that many employees have to face is the often thrown into the lions down too often. They start a new corporate position without knowing who they report to let alone who they're actually working with. So what if there's a way to fast track the whole thing quickly collapsing the preconceived ideas and how old and new employees bond super quickly to build a corporate culture.

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