Social Networks And AI Complexed Systems

Data Skeptic


Hey friends welcome. To data skeptic social networks the podcast. It's all about nodes edges. Networks graph algorithms and the dynamics of the mathematics describe humans interconnectedness today on the show i speak with my aunt casual about knowledge graphs both in theory and in practice his experience conducting research on systems like twitter and writing a textbook on the subject. I am myong kijima. And i am a research. Professor at university offside than california and also researcher at the information sciences institute which is affiliated with the university of southern. Gotta find out. What areas does your research cover. That's a great question i would see. It's eight full within applied artificial intelligence but more recently i have also started. Working law on computational. Social science. Especially in addison of twitter and Gallup the from covid nineteen and so on all of these strong elevated. What i do you know what i would say it. Seventy five percent up ninety. I five percent computational methods for miss chinese complexes

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