The NFL's 17-Game Season Is Here


Goodbye to the 16 game era in the NFL League owners officially approving the expansion of the regular season 2 17 games on Tuesday. This decision is good for almost everybody. Almost let's start with the obvious. More games means more money, lucrative TV contracts, create more revenue for the league and for the owners that will hopefully trickle down to the player contracts at some point This is great for fans all over the world to last preseason football, which we all hate and extra meaningful regular season games, taking going forward and a guarantee that starting in 2022, every NFL team will play a game internationally. In the next eight seasons, the Packers finally begrudgingly will have to go abroad. With one group. This isn't good for is maybe the most important group The players themselves less preseason games gives them less when opportunity to prepare for the regular season. Everybody still gets just one by week's arrest is that even more of a premium and contracts will now be spread out over 17 games, as opposed to 16 like before. In the aftermath of this decision, numerous players, including Packers safety, Adrian A. Most voiced their displeasure on social media. They're the ones putting their bodies on the line with no promise of increased rest or increased compensation. I get it. You can't please everybody, but the NFL should probably start by trying to please the lifeblood of the league itself.

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