Barcelona Turning a Corner?



But also taking on severe in the second leg of the semi final. Remember severe on the. I like to boss lender with a good start. Dem belly storing often twelve minutes be frustrated by the severe defense in this one well because he never closed the bolden. that's why so good. Start for bacelona however severe with the chance to make it one one and of course way goes to count in this competition of campbell's down he would then dustin south down and take the penalty which was then save by task. And what a key moment that would be because then in the ninety second min- fernando with the foul just on the edge of the box. He is sent off for a second. Yellow free-kick nothing comes out for a corner from the corner though eventually greeson plays into. Pk headed into the back to to and from that moment it was only really gonna be one winner. Windsor extra time braithwaite scoring what proved to be the winning goal.

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