Homeless encampment to set up behind Bellevue temple in Seattle area next month


Homeless encampments. Bellevue is getting ready to host one next month more from co most Jonathan Show. This is the well manicured lawn behind Temple, but NATO or on the Crossroads neighborhood. We do this because it's our mission starting next month. The temple is paying $3000 for a fem thing, Rabbi Sydney Danziger says up to 40 homeless men and women will be allowed to set up right here. These are just Good working folks who are looking for a stopgap. This will be the latest stop for 10 City for an encampment that moves around from one community to another. This time around the Jewish Temple, the city of Bellevue and homeless advocacy group share wheels are partnering to make this happen. We have a code of conduct we go by. We can't camp approvals that we enforce. Organizers say there will be regular covert testing, strict security idea and background checks, No drugs or any type of illegal activity will be tolerated. And Bellevue PD says the encampment doesn't necessarily attract more crime. But even with the assurances, the possibility is there and I would like to see it. Tightened up some neighbors like Karen Morrison Chandler Dang still have concerns. I like the city, too. Do a better job informing us. The city says it's working on that with mailers and updates to its Web site. It's not a perfect science, but they keep trying to let people know And there's actually already an ordinance allowing this arrangement, But it's been nearly five years since 10 City for use the Temple's lawn. Rabbi Danziger hopes others get more involved. I hope that more and more faith based organizations start using the rights that they have to host these tent encampments on their land for Bellevue Jobs and Shoko Monix. In the first case of its

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