This was not a party line failure. Moderate Democrats share concerns about her too good. They were right, too. The Ellen B is one of those agencies that is supposed to be at least somewhat independent, keeping an accurate score on things such as budget deficits and economic forecasts. It's supposed to be credible to both sides, Tandon was far from credible. Her specialty was political, agit prop, not honest fiscal bookkeeping. Some jobs require at least a measure of credibility across party and ideological lines. Budget director is one of them. President Biden has a new opportunity to nominate a credible Democrat to the job. Even the amount of spending we're looking at, and the concerns looming over inflation and the health of the economy, credibility is exactly what we need. Public policy dock pepper dine dot e. D u Writing politics. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he's not made any firm decisions about his political future. I care deeply about America, and I want to do my best to give back to this country to stand so much for me. So I'm gonna work really hard these next two years to continue to put forward the right ideas for America. Help candidates get elected in 2022. Then in the months and years ahead, we'll see what life holds for 2024. In an exclusive interview to Salem radio pump Hale was after the bite administration

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