By the way, you know the past year. Plus


Has been kind of rough for a lot of people. I mean, a lot of people. And I want to thank you for sticking with this program in the me It means a lot to me means a lot to our staff. That you have been so supportive of us. You know, our ratings continued to excel. Are we continue adding affiliates? We've got the well over 670 affiliates across North America. And it's all because of you and I just want you to know personally how much we all hear it Coast to coast. Appreciate what you do for us, and I hope things are OK for you. I hope things were getting better. It's been a very tense time period for a lot of folks. And it seems thank God that Cove it is Slew Lee starting to slow down and let's just keep our fingers crossed and keep our prayers coming and hopefully this thing will be gone and we can get back to some full normalcy again. But let's go to the phones. Let's start with our buddy Cornelius, one of the good guys and Louisiana. Hello there, are you you? You become number one on the show tonight.

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