Ty Gibbs wins Daytona Xfinity

The Final Lap


Eighteen. Year old. Thai gibbs the grandson of coach joe gibbs shocked the nascar world with his incredible road course win at daytona. Drivers are continuing to talk about this. They are impressed and here is kurt busch. I i saw something special and to into the series. I never run a race there with those guys. You know these these cars in the tire and the track and they put them in there to go get road course. Experience expecting him to you know just run around there and gain laughs rate and had never done a live. Pitstop is what. I had heard on the broadcast as well. I mean that was something special. I stopped coach gibbs on pit road the next day and we've been in the sport. A longtime coaches seen a lot of different moments in sports. And i said coach. I saw some special. I haven't seen some special longtime asked wanted to say congrats. He's got it. And i know exactly you guys know exactly what to do with them to make him a star but i just wanted to say data on social and i wanted to stop. Coach gives and say wow. That was something special kid drove. Mike of veteran didn't put a wheel out of place and brought home the win. I mean it's like boom. You're first start up. Kids

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