SUV in crash where 13 died came through hole in border fence


Authorities are looking into whether human smuggling is involved after thirteen people died in the collision near the U. S. Mexico border workers in winter haven California repairing a hole in the border wall where it's suspected that an SUV involved with a deadly accident no Centro group through the border patrols el Centro sector chief told the AP that surveillance video showed a Ford expedition and a Chevrolet suburban drive to the opening on Tuesday nineteen people escape the suburban after it caught on fire after entering the US that were taken into custody by border patrol agents the overloaded expedition packed with twenty five people continued on a tractor trailer struck a short time later we have been able to identify ten people of Mexican origin where these he's the accident Maria Beltran is with the consulate of Mexico some of the families are in Mexico some of them are in the United States cheaper more Watson with the California highway patrol said the SUV had only front seats the middle and back seats have been removed there are numerous people that were ejected onto the roadway as a result of this collision the people in the vehicle ranged from fifty to fifty three years of age I'm Jennifer king

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