A highlight from 2021 Free Agency Signings - Part 2


Yours. That's how much. I appreciate those of you to go the extra mile when you re tweet it or like or whatever i'm at ross tucker. Nfl we are at ross. Tucker pied on social you gotta check out their shows. We've had this week ryan. Fitzpatrick was amazing on monday. Whether it was talking about to dungle by loa or proposing to his wife at a mcdonald's that dude is a legend. Today i had mike florio on to talk all things to shawn watson which is something obviously to keep in mind from a fantasy perspective with the houston texans quarterback. A lot of people thought. They were going to get him on their team. I don't think he's going anywhere soon. Even money podcasts. Steve was terrific yesterday talking. Nba m. v. p. race talking sweet sixteen betting and yes his thoughts on. Nfl free agency moves. That have made a difference. That's what we're doing today. It's essentially part to here on the fantasy. Feast and breaking down the second wave of agency if you will and there's a bunch kenyan drake and chris carson kenny golladay. Juju smith schuster. There's nobody on the planet better than joe dolan to break down. The implications of these moves. Love the sixers hat. You gotta check out. Joe on youtube. Youtube dot com. Slash ross tucker. Nfl check him out on his own. Social at f. g. underscored dolan. He is the master of all he oversees at fantasy points dot com. Where you get another code this year. I gave you a code last year. That was feast. That won't work anymore. So use the code. Twenty one feast for year to hell. Awesome is that yet another discount here in the second year. I didn't even know they would do that. It's amazing twenty-one feast fantasy points dot com and joe. There's actually some moves to talk about because we spoke last wednesday. You know right before. Free agency started technically but there have been a bunch of the legal. Tampering moves now. We've got a lot more dive into ross like It's kind of funny though. Like i knew by the in this podcast we would. We would be talking that free agency would essentially be over like we just have kind of minor moves leaking out now. There's really only one like fantasy impact player. Who's left on available like true impact type of guy that being a leonard fournette so we got kenny. Golladay juju smith schuster to break down here and and then we can start preparing for the nfl draft and get everything sorted out for the twenty twenty one season. It's you know you you end the season. Many think on the take some time off. Not really because you have to prepare for free agency and then you have to prepare for the draft. And then that's when you can truly start to take time off take a deep breath. Do some a best ball drafts for sure and start preparing for august and september when we kick off. What looks like it's going to be a seventeen game. Twenty twenty one seats and it looks like joe we should be having the guru. John hansen on next week's episode. Which should be amazing. Only get some perspective from him. Just kind of overall free agency importance in fantasy where he thinks are the most impactful moves. Least impactful move. Maybe under overrated. So if you didn't already bang the subscribe button on your podcast apple youtube. Make sure you have done so. Let's start with quarterbacks. Joe

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