Congress questions Texas officials about power grid failure


Us congress wants to know why the texas power grid failed during last month's freeze that left millions in houston without power and frigid temperatures. At least twenty five deaths in harris county have been linked to the freeze government reporter. Andrew schneider says houston's maher urged congress to ensure the texas legislature will act against future extreme weather mirror silvester. Turner blasted texas lawmakers for their lack of action. In the past he told members of the house energy oversight subcommittee that i the texas legislature needs to recognize that climate. Change is real. He then turned to changes. He recommended as a state lawmaker a decade ago we can no longer rely just on the market incentive system that will have to be requirements to weatherize our system. That's that's a month and if we're going to continue to be a close grid erkaya ninety percent covering the state of texas and we have to take every necessary steps to make sure that adequate energy supply in peak demand. Turner pushed back frequently against assertions by members of congress and one of his fellow. Witnesses that an over reliance on renewable energy contributed to the grids failure. He noted that the cold weather shutdown gas-fired and coal fired power which account for the bulk of the state's electricity. Not just wind

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