Michigan State Spartans will not be changing their name to include Rocket Mortgage sponsorship


Michigan state missteps. And you just knew they would step in it and it has to do with The renaming of their sports team jay it away while and of course you knew like when you found out dan snyder was kind of involves not dance matter. I think it's dan gilbert yeah. I didn't snyder snider alumnus of of michigan Michigan state. you made yeah okay. Find standard stance that so so they. They said that they were going to rename sponsor. Essentially the basketball team. Renamed them the michigan state spartans presentative presented by my rocket mortgage. So i mean by the way rocket mortgage. I like walking. So do i need them and they do have a guy on their basketball team. Name get lots. Why can't rocket watts be presented by rock- rocket mortgage. Yeah i would have been easier like sell. Yeah so they put it out there that they're going to change the name and then they got trolled by everyone acheiving so much negative press and also just because you know. I think people think college sports and this is why this has been the argument against paying college players for soa college. Sports has his purity. That pro sports doesn't have college. Sports is like an anon- tattooed person. It is clean. It is perceived purity because we know there's a lot of on a ferry arrest of but perceived purity that you don't want to mess that up by calling them. The michigan state spartans brought to you by rocket mortgage that has going to become the arizona state as text presented by toes-to-toes. Like when do we stop like. Is it the start to get to sponsors. Could it be like you know what i mean you start to get to sponsors on the scene. Usc trojans presented by trojan trojan condoms. Like i actually would see. That's that's actually got go cell but like there we. We're in a situation right. Now where the washington huskies brought to you by lane bryant. I'm habe fair. he may not. But you're the reason why people are upset and you've got democratic senator of connecticut chris murphy coming out so it was awesome. Who was instrumental in presenting legislation to try and get players paid for their likeness and image. And that's an ongoing process. That randy and i both believe will eventually come to fruition. Why should why should the coaches make all this money. When it's the players who actually really bring people to the stands and why should university sponsored. I mean they they unless you're going to start making the games free for people unless you're gonna start using your sponsorship to make ticket prices. Nothing for the fans were to then you cannot is just. It's a money grab and people don't like that and they think it's a bad look especially when you're seeing coaches salaries just go up and up and up. It looks like it looks very greedy at a time when we don't intuition is going up and up. It's greedy when you don't need to be greedy. Right puts the schools in a bad light right so the public doesn't benefit from this. The the students don't benefit from this. The players who need to benefit don't benefit from this so it just again like you said it it a pit him is is this sort of capitalistic greed. Which i think again makes teams look bad in a team like michigan state in a year when they've looked bad on the court. This was not what they needed. This was not the capper. There's there's a chance they're playing tonight as we record this for all. We know they could beat. Ucla or they could lose to ucla if they lose to ucla in the plane game and they don't even make the tournament and they have to sit out and watch his. How long's it been since michigan statesman in the tournament. It's been a longtime now run. They and they could go on a long run in the tournament and find they could salvage their year but it's been a rocky year for them and to have this sponsorship thing come up it once again and i'm happy that the world of public opinion kind of self corrected this situation. They came out and said they're not changing their name. But they but i'm asking you is this. Was that just a test balloon to go up are we can see a different way like a gentler. Way to kind of push this through because you know for years. We said we're not going to see any sport. Any you know. Advertising logos on sponsorship on professional athletes. Uniforms like you do see in the english premier league but again. I think we're what there's a now the clippers the little honey logo and i love. Honey i think those guys are awesome and that doesn't bother me. I actually was like for a second. I was like. I don't know if that's going to fly for me and it didn't. It doesn't bother me the way the way. It's being used right now. The way the team name as brought to you by something it just feel it does feel like the san diego Point setia credit union community credit union ball right feels like that which is just a joke at that point so all right didn't work it didn't work. Thank you public opinion for glad. The public opinion can still shoots the things down

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