Slack vs. Facebook Groups


Today's lesson by mentioning that both slack and facebook are free options. Slag does have a paid plan. But you don't need to use the pay plan to run your communities. There are other options out there. That are not free. That i'm not including today's conversation because we just want to focus on a free platform for now because sometimes that's just the barrier of entry that allows us just to get going and get conversations going for our communities. There are other ones that will cost you money more full-fledged forms and communities one that i recommend palapa palapa dot co relatively new. But i've used it in different communities and it's really really cool but it's paid option so we're not gonna cover today. Let's focus on slack and facebook. I holly the differences. of course. facebook is the go-to when it comes to groups. Why well because most people already on facebook install facebook on their phone. Because it's probably already there. There would have an account for most people. Let's start with facebook and facebook. As we know is the go-to option for groups and Form sorta speak to carry conversations. And i wanna take conversation. I'm talking about yo you me. Want to include some sort of group. People can ask questions and get feedback when you're offering in the course or some sort of training or maybe group. Coaching now is facebook. Been the go-to people are already on facebook. That's just the easiest thing to get people to go to because there's no learning curve there. You have the app on their phone. And they're just used to. The you is is a very simple Familiar app slack on the other hand might be a tool that some people already have are are using their phone but not as much as facebook of force so there is a learning curve. There isn't an solution process or an accepting of being part of a slack channel process. So that they can be a of your community. The other thing that remembers that slack for the most part is best used using either desktop or their mobile app. And it's not really a very friendly on the web as much as facebook. As if i'm just using a browser on my computer now i've used slack and facebook groups for my different communities for different purposes and even outside my online courses i actually think slack is a fantastic tool in person events or trips so say for example. You're running a two day event and you wanna communicate with everybody who is a part of event you can invite people that are part of that event to a slack group now. Why is slack so gray for in person events because it's a dedicated to that event it's easy to communicate a lot faster in terms of messaging. The nature of the app allows you to know what's going on quickly so if people are meeting for lunch somewhere you can get a slack message really quickly and see that and be part of that conversation so as got a little bit of a whatsapp. Dna in as well facebook on the other hand. Most people that i speak to have their facebook notifications off because you get so many notifications on facebook friends posting things. People liking things You know groups. People are mentioned things in groups. It would be very distracting beginning notification every five minutes so most of their notifications off and priori check facebook or their facebook a group on the facebook to see what's going on if there's a question posted if there is something for them to respond to

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