China changes Hong Kong's election system


Today with China and the city of Hong Kong. Beijing has today tightened its grip on the territory by approving a controversial resolution. Which paves the way for an overhaul of the electoral system. The new system will reduce democratic representation and allow a pro Beijing panel to vet patriotic candidates. It's quite an image and quite a symbolic moment. Nearly 24 years after China took back control of Hong Kong from Britain under the Joint Declaration of One country, two systems what we saw today Was Beijing taking the city's freewheeling capitalism and personal freedoms, including a sometimes unruly political system on casting it in its own image. Seated in the Great Hall of the People, 2895 delegates voted in favor of the changes. And none against. There was one abstention as our China correspondent, John said with rights on the BBC news website, whether the one abstention was a miscue on the electronic voting buttons or alone act of defiance. We'll never know. In a news conference, the Chinese premier leaker, Chang explained why the National People's Congress had approved the measures brain you window contact. Regarding the decision of the National People's Congress on improving the electoral system in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The purpose of the decision is clear cut it is to adhere to and improve the systematic structure of One country, two systems and uphold the principle of Patriots administering Hong Kong. And to ensure the steady implementation off one country, two systems.

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