Department Of Transport, South Gippsland And ABC discussed on AM


I'll have more news at nine o'clock. ABC radio Milburn traffic. Gotta get spread He from the Department of Transport. Still some slowing traffic both directions on the South Gippsland Freeway afternoon tea, a north bound collusion between pound road and the princes highway. It's looking a little tough, both ways trying to South Gippsland Highway running a little bit of For nearly a collision and Oakley South north bound on War Eagle Road. Still, some tough conditions North bound, hitting past sailor rowed up towards North road are pretty clear on up towards the end of them rode from their point of the other major materials peeking at this stage, Not too bad on the eastern, just heavy at the city and on the huddle streets in Alexandra Parade. If you're taking the public transport delays of up to 10 minutes for the element, train lines, you know, and equipment fault between box Hill and Campbell. Well this now for announcements or check the PTV Apple website for further information of the line's not looking too bad at this stage. That's the latest traffic. It's 27 to 9. You're with Virginia called 1 300, Triple 2774 or text 0437774774. As you heard on the news health authorities have revealed six potential covered 19 exposure sites. That's a following. The bloke is returned to his home in Wallace, who completed his hotel quarantine in South Australia, then returning a positive test a few days after being here. It was a very strange aspect, though off the press conference yesterday, where you heard from the Health Minister,

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