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We're not just going to ignore this was that we're gonna ignore the kobe episode or something. Yeah well we can address that but first things for anybody even do care. We goes through what he does. I'm just saying the master plan worked out perks. It is one to power spike week to perks as well. You know like all the all the memes and the prophecies came true as planned. It was it was an absolute banger. Absolute banger great job. Kobe episode was funny as well. I'm gonna have to go back and check. The tapes Me just cracked honestly. Though groups were were packed with a lot of good stuff. Right if we're going off of the the north american thread and memes ozanich tournament. was added to north america residency for their players. And yet they now get their first team through which is what basically was the play in stage to the main stage and congratulations to penton net. Let's go round of applause. All around honestly also had cool upsets from you know paying gaming got a lot of a lot more competitive games and winston within than having the past Dfm as well today giving don wanna run for their money. every game. they played them getting the win. Off of cloud nine If we add vietnam two worlds Plan stage. I'm actually really excited for plant states this year for world you know with the with the performance of these wildcard regions thus far at msi groups age and hopefully oh my god Vietnam will be able to actually come as well. It's actually going to be filled with. I think it's it's going to be amazing. I mean one of the things that i really hit home. I think both watching. Msi and prepping for this tournament as well is how good a lot of these players are mechanically. Now i think that in the past it was much more common for for the the major region teams just slam the games through leaning face just because the basic skills were not on the same level. Right you know now. That seems so much less common. These guys are really up their game. I think mechanically almost across the board and it's getting more and more difficult to continue being them right now. It's more things that i think are are less obvious like the decision making macro plays you know maybe not all five in the murray strong individually in these types of things but i i've been really impressed and i agree koby especially with the fm Their support. Because i think it's steel is going to become resident so gang up in a believe is mixed up that they're going to be having so they should be even stronger vietnam. We haven't gotten to see a while they've been looking really good. The pcs has been looking good. So i i think it's really really exciting. Got some mark. Zale hit with the dfm works. I i was definitely gonna say that like on the point about like individual mechanics. anymore. It's like well. They should have won the first time. They've played terrible decision at triple at the third hip you know and it's like those areas are falling short now. As and even this game they played it was scrappy back and forth their playoff versus the former world champions sale. It's not that funny. I just cracking me up. This is getting good that you can even do like the push a little. Yeah the little pushups up. Just say. I think it might actually work. It's going to work best for sale. Because he's got the ball as well as i say a lotta evil mastermind if we go to the movies. Okay if we go by the movies dr evil you know what about what about the cool ball people like you know. We got been diesel. We've got some sweet stuff. You know the transporter. I was definitely bad. So those are some big dubs. Football people are. We got some six apple. Podcasts reviews the meta the meta shifting. Never saw this one coming. We've got a few this week. This one comes for mr travvy. X. d. says diva's peak league legends content. Will now the jail. Xp is gone at least portland out for jazz. Also mark deserves more recognition. I mean look at his hair. Zale more shots at the ball guy. I see. there's a trend here on this episode. We got another one here. This one's from caldera eight fifty seven diva's great love the show. Never miss an episode coming in with the meta breaking counter pick. Marcy is the best on the show. He brings the best analysis the funniest jokes. No offense the other guys back and not standby with all these. One sided reviews once again. Great show catholic. Kobe five-star last one. Here this is how to break them in. This is everyone's idea ever ever had enough of the markazi abuse marks the al farhi of the dive pulled down by four recile deep and now wow grow to the all right five stars. They for the reviews. Good like this. I made a lot of alta cows. This week's i'm not working. Msi for the main broadcast. I had a lot of time to make other accounts. And make all these reviews as you noted as i didn't have many much variety in them. They're all kind of like break. The meta marks cool i. This is interesting.

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