ADHD with Dani Donovan


When did adhd. I come on your radar. And i love that. We're talking about. Adhd and not combining adhd with add. Because i think a lot of times they get lumped together. And i think it's important to to talk about the differences in fact maybe we could. We could start there with some of the differences between. Add adhd add is actually a term that is no longer being used In the dsm or anything it's adhd with hyperactivity or without arm so adhd or add was formerly known as is now called adhd without hyperactivity which is a mouthful. But i didn't. I didn't use to say no that either 'cause i definitely have people in my life. Who had been diagnosed with. Add and so. It's just one of the many. Jose tidbits that i have been learning because this is like a process for me to of self-discovery 'cause i don't have. I love psych in high school in college but My training is a visual communication design. So i do really get to learn so much myself. And about your. adhd general. But i can that was like a little side tangent. But like i can talk about the differences between the two kind of types if that might be useful so our and then combined type which is what i have and so adhd with hyperactivity not just has hyperactivity which can look different. Depending on the person for boys it might be a little mar- you know obvious which is why guys tend to get diagnosed younger because they might be the kid running over the place and climbing on stuff at the rest to climb on constantly fidgeting sort of thing and girls get missed a lot who might even have hyperactive type like because we tend to be much more. Chatty we're like very chatty distracting other people with like wanting to talk constantly fidgeting with our hair and it's it's a little more subtle ways that you wouldn't necessarily think of hyperactivity

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