US Tax Deadline Looms


Extra month is almost up. Tax day is less than a week away. You haven't filed yet stephanie. Rule has what you need to know for. Financial planners like rodney rigas. It's go time. I cannot imagine what would have been like without the extra months. The irs is tax deadline is now less than a week. Away doesn't make a difference whether i file on paper or should i do it online. It's always much more secure to do online. And it's quicker to get a refund. The direct deposit mailing is not the ideal auction between stimulus. Checks millions on employment and a work from home surge. Taxes are likely to be more confusing than ever key things to know at the federal level. Your stimulus check is tax free and if you claimed unemployment the i ten thousand two hundred dollars also tax free and the child tax credit now. Three thousand dollars for kids six and up and thirty six hundred for younger children if you taxes you want to pay as much as possible but may seventeenth deadline. Anything that is unpaid does have penalties and interest assessed and remember. If you owe money you can work out. A payment plan with the irs. If you make less than seventy two thousand dollars a year the irs will help you file for free. And if you've moved states consider hiring a professional and one more thing. Lester make sure you hit submit by midnight on may seventeenth

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