Our next Cuomo traffic up 10 24


Come on, whose time 10 14. Timeto updates, traffic and weather for the new Milagros traffic Center. Here's Kiara Jordan. We still have this emergency road work taking place in Seattle on South and I five approaching the West Seattle Bridgette's taking up too, right lanes. And so this is why you're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic as you're coming out from under the convention center, or also still slow in Seattle on North Chennai, five, beginning just north of Michigan to Seneca. We have solid traffic heading westbound on the Spokane Street viaduct between I five and 99 trying to recover from an earlier opening of the First Avenue South Bridge. So that's why you have delays on both 99 509 there and North bound four or five with lighter slowing from state route 1692 Northeast 44th. Our next Cuomo traffic up 10 24 partly sunny today with a high of 65. We're gonna get to the clouds roll in tonight may have some showers tomorrow clouds for sure and cooler.

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