With Iggy Azalea to ask her


A picture of the head of what you want Something to be and Whatever it is, If it's your making a painting or what you envision your outfit is gonna look like and you go out and buy. It always comes out slightly different. It's inspired by what you thought it would be in the same way. When you're making music. You might be thinking of a sound, and you can never quite get it exactly how it is in your mind. But it's close or it's something different. And so for me, I was like, I don't know my album's not how I thought it was gonna go. But then once I saw with it and I was like, actually, that's great. Keep listening to I heart radio for more eggs, Valya and all your favorite artists. Sports Now until you busy news radio ruins of face the sabers four times this season, and they've won them all to more on the way in Buffalo Tonight and tomorrow. Bees have been rolling with winds in five straight and

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