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So laura you lead the national advertising division. Tell us what problem any d- was created to address what was going on in the world of advertising that entity was created or Thanks very so the national advertising division which we fondly call an d. was started in nineteen seventy one. At that time there had been a huge growth in a new media right. It was an explosion in television advertising and A huge adoption of advertising as an television is a platform for reaching consumers So consumers were getting new information about cleaning products that cleaned betterer faster food products. That tasted better. Were easier to make than other things and you know. Most importantly probably was an explosion of advertising of cigarettes to them on television. And at the same time you had a rise of consumer advocates clamoring for more regulation of advertising of there was a sense that the advertising messages that consumers getting were not were misleading. You had advocates like ralph nader. Who famously advocated for a lot of different regulation over the years really jumping in on that on that pile here and talking about the importance of regulating advertising and protecting consumers you know at the in nineteen seventy-one when all of this was happening Cigarettes were the largest advertiser on television and in nineteen seventy one. Cigarette advertising on television was in fact. An i think there was this increasing distrust of advertising that that exemplifies consumers were being advertised. You with cigarettes which had been demonstrated to be harmful to health. So you know. It was an environment that caused both at agencies and the businesses that were advertising and the advertising association's to come together to address this problem. That consumers were the distrusted advertising. And they what they wanted to do at this time was build trust and advertising right so they wanted the industry to work together to build trust

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