Setbacks: Girls' Exclusion From Education



And you. thanks so much for joining us today just to get started. Could you describe the gap in women's and girls' education in africa. Well the figures that we of got that our official so far and from unesco is died search for covid with over fifty two million gallons lit out of ood in africa. We're very focused on right now. On the question of problems that were getting better and that have gone into reverse because of the global pandemic and i wonder what impact covid nineteen has had on girls' education. I know that in africa in many countries the the numbers are much better than they've been in many places in the developed world. But i assume that they're all also different kinds of second order effects. So what impact has the pandemic had coffee has been very very brutal and yes. It's true that you know in africa. We did improvements in terms of access to primary education for most jinglin but what is covered. Dan is Started eroding the gains. That if you met in that space as feminine started losing income. We're not even talking. About in august closure the products to crozier so as much as online learning was introduced as as most governments. It was amazing. Awesome for the june. That could access it in afforded but it just mandate for the majority of the children that we work with as an organization where in the had distinguished communities they did not get support with online learning so as a result of it. I know for a fact that are supported me printed out materials social distance study groups in all that but it is the duty of the government to ensure that education is provided every child but covid actually exposed that we have issues of equity informed by technology access to various seminars.

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