A highlight from A Prayer for When You Don't Feel Worthy of Prayer


Four sixteen god does not wear your actions and set your sin on a scale to see if you're worthy of approaching him. If i send level mattered the no one would ever be worthy. But because of jesus. Christ when god looks at us he sees his sons sin lewis light and innocent sacrificed therefore because of the gospel. We are free to approach god and communicate with him when isaiah was brought before the lord in isaiah six. He fell down at his own unworthiness and could not look at god. Isaiah had no merit to earn god's favor but through a gift. God made isaiah righteous just as god removed isaiah's guilt with burning coal. He removes your guilt with the blood of his son. The gift is a one time gift. You are made guiltless in god's eyes however since those saved by christ still live in a fallen world we still fall prey to sin when we pray for forgiveness. It draws away from sin and pulls us closer to god and when we pray often we think about sin less. Don't let sin keep you from prayer if you haven't prayed today or in. Weil take five minutes today and close your eyes. Thank god for who he is and who he's made you to be asked him to forgive any sin in your life especially the sin that's been holding you back from him. Let his love whore over you and refresh you but spray dear. God you are worthy of all praise you've given me life even though i'm unworthy and undeserving. You've taken my sin and made me guiltless but right now. I don't feel guiltless and my shame has made me forget who you made me to be. You've made me your child and air and you've given me the greatest gift anyone could ask for eternal life in your presence. I've forgotten this in my sin. Lord please forgive this sin and grant me mercy. I don't deserve it. But i think you that because of your son sacrifice. I am freely forgiven and loved. Please grant me your strength to resist. The san and other sins and holy spirit please urge my soul to spend more time in prayer and praise because in your presence is where i

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