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Evacuated a US trade delegation is wrapped up three days of talks with Chinese counterparts in Beijing. They're headed for holmdale member of the delegation says he thinks the talks went just fine. No word if they made any progress on tariffs, the European Union imposing new sanctions against Iran. The sanctions two killings in the Netherlands targeting Dutch, nationals of Iranian descent, the Netherlands accusing Iran of involvement acclaimed, Iran rejects France and Denmark have Olson accused Iran of plotting attacks on their soil as punishments. The European Union is freezing the assets of an Iranian intelligence units and two senior officials the move could complicate European efforts to keep alive the Iran nuclear deal. Fox's Simon Owen? New york. I'm Jack Callaghan. This is Fox News. Radio KLBJ. Good morning. I'm Eric Wykeham AIDS. The isn't the only school district being punished by recapture superintendent, Dr Tom Leonard of the school district in Austin says they send sixty six percent of their tax revenue to the state. He says it's bad for taxpayers and worse for teachers and faculty. I look at some of our staff and look at their real growth in all the last ten years after you account for healthcare. It's actually been negative letter says he wants lawmakers, it'd be more transparent about the Robin Hood money. The state gets into increase allotments to local districts a twelve year old round rock boy is hospitalized after being hit by a car yesterday afternoon. Police say it happened on sunrise road near Wayne drive. The boy's injuries were not life-threatening San Marcos police arrested a homeless man, they say is a serial rock through the targeted downtown businesses in recent weeks, forty eight year old Zachary Allen McLeish was already in Hays county jail. And unrelated charges was charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief. Kilby Jay radar weather watch cooler with a high of sixty three get Austin news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com.

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