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Don't stop from sock alarm. They say this president's positive, not racist and our watch Tim Scott, and I'll say I don't say this lightly. But you know, it reminded me everything to liquors confined the dubbing. And I'm wondering what in the world what hand is off his back when he was could say that stuff knowing that the partisans president is killing South Carolinian before cold. We have 87 million people, either uninsured uninsured. Just in these past months. I have 27 million people without insurance. Many that know McConnell have had no interest in making sure people have here before cold before Kobe We had large numbers of people who are who have left the job market. Now we have 30 million additional people who are unemployed 40% of the jobs of the main off 40,000 and under Our goal. And if you stop breaking that down like people, we're not talking about a great pressure with about a great destruction of whatever shot comes. You may think about. Any party right now.

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