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Welcome back to twenty minutes fitness. I'm Kessler and you're listening to your favorite podcast for health and fitness science and technology. Today we're airing the second part of my conversation with Dr Marcus Gado, a leading Chinese medicine practitioner from Europe who spend close to a decade in China learning the ancient Art of traditional Chinese medicine also referred to as. If, you haven't listened to last week's part one of our conversation. You May WanNa poss here and listen to it first so that you can learn about his background and what he believes, he can teach us about our own emotional wellbeing and healthy nutrition in today's podcast who we will continue the conversation and cover how. Six to guide how we should exercise sleep and even have sex. Yes. Heard correctly the how and when of sex also plays a role of healthy living in ancient Chinese wisdom. So beware that today's episode is pg rated because of that disclaimer why Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years? It is really just at the cusp of being scientifically looked at an understood it is usually fascinating topics we. Wanted to share with you, it is hard not medical advice by any means nor endorsement of the scientific validity or efficiency of any of its practices or interventions. Having said that we do try to stick to only the things that have already been backed up by signs, and you can find a full list of studies and Research Without show notes on twenty minute dot fitness. All right. Let's have at it. Or let's move on to to sleep I. Think the third tip is get plenty again seasonal steep was is that mean? Yeah. If you look at animals, they're way more Richard Eight. Some analysts even hibernate in summer and social we we shouldn't be sleeping the same amount of hours throughout the whole year and well, it's good general of funding to get at least eight hours of sleep in the wintertime nine or ten hours is fine and in the summertime if you're feeling really energetic seven or six and a half if you're feeling great is actually not the bad for you and but the Chinese say that. Especially, the early Stephen in modern sleep research confirms this that early steep, sexy, more beneficial because you're getting a lot more autographs wrong excreted in the hours roughly before midnight and so the Chinese advocates between nine thirty and ten thirty, and then of course, old biohacking stuff you know keeping blue light our heading your house of very dim lights getting you really into this calm evening mode and have no ben at a TV and don't eat obviously before you go to directly before you're gonna go to bed and instead off the Chinese medicine advocates to have some green team your cup of tea because it's so. Call me you down activating the Perez pathetic nervous system. It's advocating for a bit of movement no meditation before you go to bed or even even taking a hot foot. That's a great little trick that you can fall asleep or joystick colts he keeps you up take a hot foot and research has shown that down hot foot actually heading the black by heading this hot water your feet. It increases the circulation periphery in your feet which saw in our regulatory process lowers the corporate body temperature, and we'll have a lower temperature it signals to the brain. Time and so these are some little tricks that the Chinese advocates and in another great one is actually funded fool study here Naski and others in two thousand seven they had two hundred thousand subjects in Greece against epidemiology but again, food for thought day found a thirty seven percent reduction in cardiovascular disease of people who regularly had a Siesta who took a little nap at night thing that study was quoted in a wide receiver is really interesting book I that everyone should read yeah. That's the guy from UC Berkeley, Matthew Walker that's right So So yeah a lot of these these things that they that they already figured out and keep the probation is a big one, right Here's another statistics who has National Health Center for statistics in nineteen sixty, two percent of American slept less than six hours while in two thousand four, it was already thirty percent. So generally speaking we're not sleeping enough. So wildly you WanNa just your sleep in obviously the day is longer than summer so you could also stay up a little bit longer but the country in the wintertime you shouldn't feel bad on your cells you need nine or ten hours of sleep a really give your buddy that go with the season skull was the dynamic of nature and let your body hibernate Chinese proverb says no losing a night of sleep as followed by ten days of inconvenience. Never never sacrifice after sacrifice sleep and sleep a little bit more in winter, and then you can stay up longer and have more energy into following summer. Again, let's just quickly touch on the fourth a little hit or tip to stay healthy in twenty twenty I picked this one because I think it's contrary to what we believe in the West and does the about exercise movement excise the Chinese things that moderation here again is key. So we shouldn't be doing chronic cardio over having really high pulse rate on training for ultramarathons but instead we should go on strolls and walks and we should exercise buddy while the do it in short intervals and with a high intensity. High intensity interval training or just even intensity training where we doing body weight exercise in keeping a muscle mass obstacles casino the Muscles Pretty, much ski organ of Longevity. You can draw a line of lean body mass versus fat mass and an pretty much. It's with old people get and it gets difficult at your old to build and maintain muscle story you WANNA regularly. Exercise. Your buddy but you don't WanNa chill your body lacked we like to do in the West aware that where it is even for a lot of people, it ends up being addiction like an exercise addiction but

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