Culture Cults Week


This week's theme comes to us from Sean Abraham Preston and is called culture colts. Here's why Sean chose this theme. He writes. Hi. I'm Sean Abraham Preston and the theme I chose is culture. Cults Chose the theme because I'm fascinated with Howard devotion to new cultural ideals can cross over into spirituality in the worship of other people oftentimes with dark consequences. Were especially vulnerable to this when we're searching for meaning in Tumultuous Times of change. Like twenty twenty, for example. Here, are the episodes chosen by Sean for this week's theme along with short descriptions of each episode. The first one comes to us from the podcast strangers and is called the sun the Goddess Leopoldo. It's forty six minutes long. Here's the description. Born in a coven of lesbian witches in a Haight Ashbury commune after the fall of Saigon Young Joshua Safran soon hit the open road with his single mother and things only got stranger from there. A. Word of warning this story contained some disturbing moments. The next episode comes to us from. You must remember this is called Charles Manson's Hollywood part three, the beach boys, Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson Songwriter. It's forty seven minutes long. Here's the description. In this episode, we'll talk about Charlie Manson's arrival in Los Angeles. We'll discuss Dennis Wilson's life and the role he played in enabling Manson's rock and roll delusions, and we'll explain how the beach boys came to record a song written by Charles Manson. The next episode comes to us from friends of the friend called the beautiful cripple part one. It's forty nine minutes long. Marilyn Manson fan and a Silicon Valley's tech, Colt Cross paths in an adventure that ends in supernatural sex and murder. The next episode comes to us from Decoder Ring and is called the basement affair. It's forty three minutes long. Here's the description. What are the real reasons people go on reality? TV. This episode follows the story of an Hirsch and Kathy Nardone two women cast on VH1's Frank. The entertainer in a basement affair a show about an adult man looking for love while living in his parent's basement. How did one performance artists and one accidental performance artists make it onto the show and how did they behave once they made it their. Their story highlights the ways that reality television distorts narratives, obscures intentions, and stereotypes women, yet it's still irresistible to audiences and performers like. The last episode of the week comes to us from invisible era and is called the end of empathy. It's fifty two minutes long. Here's the description. In. Is a show that runs on empathy we believe in it, but are we right? In this episode, we'll let you decide. We tell you the same story twice in order to examine the questions who deserves our empathy and is there a wrong way to empathize? Those are the episodes chosen by Sean for this week's theme Culture Colts.

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