Trump says Pence was never on standby, denies 'mini-strokes” amid speculation over his health


Well, front up next more questions tonight over the president's mysterious trip to Walter, Reed, last year why was the vice president reportedly on standby to take over? Tonight the White House is responding to questions about President. Trump's health and his mysterious visit to Walter Reed Medical Center the President's physician issued a statement today and it said he could could not. Confirm rather that the president has not experienced nor been evaluated for stroke many stroke or any acute cardiovascular emergencies as have been incorrectly reported in the media. Now, to be clear, no major or reputable news outlet has actually claimed trump suffered quote mini strokes, but it does come as a new book claims Vice President Pence was put on alert to take over the duties of president. Trump had to be put under anesthesia during that November twenty, one, thousand, nine, hundred trip to Walter reet

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