How did Andy Murray win that?


Right Okay Day to the US Open. How on Earth did Andy Murray do that Catherine? He's just one from four, six, four, six, one, three down. How has he done that somebody explained to me Name Messing with the lewd tonight is the plum street in the deepened. Question isn't it? I mean what's going on? Well, they said to two women who we had to know primarily a CEO Tim. If you had to attribute that combat come back to one thing and one thing I think we're on a time limit. What would it be and he said halt. I think I mean obviously, that is that that is a word that covers a broad spectrum of things all of them are. Totally embodied by Andy Murray persistence to nasty doggedness stopping this. But obselete hot is what got him through a very bizarre tennis match today I mean I'm sure in the annals of time we remember the witness of if the match that will suitable fade away and we'll remember the school line in the emotion whatever ends up coming in the aftermath, but it was a It was a rookie right of a tennis match for for a long time. someone on twitter said that there was once a racehorse who died and when they cut the race open they realized he had a heart that was bigger than any other race horse in history and that feels like the kind of thing that might happen with Andy. Murray one day. That's a morbid take on them on a very joyous occasion for Andy. Murray. But it is one of those things isn't it? Because we think of Mary is so relatable and yet. On occasion like this, we I genuinely have no idea how he does something like that. It's it's thrilling to watch but I, come explain it. He operates on a different level of guts and defend defiance and resilient to what I'm capable of even imagining. In the you say that was a bit move it but didn't the encore interview immediately off the match the first question was Andy. We buried at the Australian Open last year and yet he He was just an alternate set of on the sports accidental turn of phrase unfortunately most well, we'll maybe fortunately a lot of these faces obscured by a mask, but I would quite like to have seen his full facial reaction to the declaration that he'd been buried the tennis community. Hopefully hopefully, we're looking at about fifty years down the road a sixty or something like that for. To have this. This forensic analysis. David Lewis let's get out of this. Yeah. Let's do that. Tell you what I think. We have just a bit of history in order so that we know exactly where we are with the Sandy Murry story. This is a man that was supposed to retire twenty months ago and. He didn't he went and had a hip surgery he went and had a new metal, hip. He then made a comeback and the combat went really well, and he won't doubles clean said he played mixed doubles with Serena Williams, at Wimbledon and then he went on won the singles title in Antwerp and it was just amazing and then he looked like he was hitting the buffet Z. looked like he was in real trouble when he had the complications and what was it called it the impingement of the joint with which which was think caused by sort of spare type thing on the hip and is causing all sorts of trouble didn't play the Australian Open this year I personally thought he was probably finished really at that point for. Twenty time. And slow behold he comes back place last week in Cincinnati Stroke New York has those two great wins over Varun Ti and then. Lost didn't look great against Manashe rich but comes into this match and a half to say I felt pretty sheep pretty. Confident on his behalf I thought he would. He would have struggle against a very good player world number forty, eight Yoshito Nishioka from Japan. He's twenty four years of age Manu beat Dan Evans. The Australian Open, this year, and who just has one of those really solid sprightly games left handed can hurt you but can also stay in rallies and for an hour and a half. He made Andy Murray. Look terrible Andy Maryland made himself look terrible and At that point I said on the radio and I know I said it on the radio because the BBC sport website copied and pasted my words into their text portal and I, got seventy four negative votes as a result of the words that I added which were Four six, four, six, one, three, headlined. He may not be able to do this anymore and I said this is one of the worst performances I've ever seen from Andy Murray to Grand Slam. He's got a metal hip, and he may not be able to do this anymore but looking at this having covered. So many of his matches I've never seen anything quite like it before past is not feeling very well, I, expected to see a fight tooth and nail his opponent is good and I thought he could cause problems but I expected it to be hyper competitive and Murray would win but it's not even close. And I stand by every single word that.

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