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Believe that all that and a lot more. Thank you for being here continue to hang out with his big boy's neighborhood. 92 3. You can kiss me Traffic center, a crash in mid city. This is on the 10 westbound at Crenshaw Boulevard. The left lane is blocked. Traffic is stopped from the 1 10, adding about a 15 minute delay to your commute. This report is sponsored by lows. The lows for pros Loyalty program gives pros personalized offers purchase tracking and business management tools. Sign up today it lows for pros that calms last pro loyalty. One more reason why lows is the new home for pros. Terms and conditions apply us only of Lonnie Swaine with traffic on Real 92 3 Ella's new home for him Hop Home Depot has news that will come as great comfort to your bathroom or bedroom right now get beautiful savings on soft, comfortable bath towels, fresh bed linens, pillows and cozy comforters. See it all online order in minutes, even get free delivery right to your door. That's not just news that's decor, like never before. Save on select betting and back it easy online returns everything for your home

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