Why Philadelphia Phillies should be terrified of prospective New York Mets owner Steve Cohen


News, it's the news from a couple days ago. That it is. Ah, just ah, matter of crossing some T s and dotting some. I's For major billionaire Steve Cohen to buy the New York Mets. Why is this a problem? All right, let's go, Micro. Then we'll go macro. A micro problem. Is that Jay Serial Muto is a free agent in 30 games, plus the plaice. And the New York Mets need a catcher and Steve Cohen, for those of you don't know who he is and what his deal is Big Box New York to the point that the second he takes over the Mets John he becomes the richest owner in major league baseball. Soon as he takes over. And he's going to take over the Mets. He won the bidding war against Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez and Josh Harris and some others. He's the one who's going to win this which means when Jadiriyah Muto and by the way, really mute tone is agent probably have been aware ofthe. I'm sure his agent part of the reason they haven't signed is a wait, Wait, wait, wait and went to no brainer. Steve Cohen might be taken over the mats. Hold on, Don't sign, and I know yesterday, McClintock talked about the Dave engage in conversation, and that's good. But you know the reality is the The five year $100 million deal right that summer. Free beer first speculating today. Well, maybe it'll be five on 120. He'll get his 23 year because we don't know that it won't be five years and 180 million Well, James, That's a little aggressive. You don't know what you're talking about. A guy here one in New York. I know I want to make yourself something. I agree with that. But I mean, let's not get carried away. 51 80 is is not gonna happen, we'll say but here's what I know. I just got a lot harder for the pills. And by the way, that's just on the real Muto front. In one example. Then there can actually division the macro is this is a division where obviously the Braves in the nationals, and even to an extent, the Marlins has some nice young players. Phillies have some clearly some veterans that are good. But the reality is the Mets, who have ever since the Bernie Madoff disaster for them about 15 years ago have been a joke. As far as being in New York spending money the way a New York team should get ready for that to change this decade. Yeah, that's the issue is that all of a sudden the Mets are gonna be cheap anymore. It's just got hard, man. I mean, the the New York Mets. They shouldn't be cheap, You know, just like the Philly should correct. I agree. So ah. Now, this guy, apparently pretty big ego guy. I'm sure he's going to want to win some some battles against the Yankees. As far as you know, who's got the upper hand in New York and who's controlling the airwaves, the television networks in the radio and conversation and all that stuff and J. T. Real Muto is is like the prize that Mets fans are clamoring for. So just just know as a Phillies fan as we all are. It just got harder. It just got harder for the filles.

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