LG adds virtual showroom experience for IFA 2020

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LG. L.. That company is well Samsung experimenting with these virtual Maroons Taco bit about that. Yeah. So what what they've done is in honesty like virtual press conference is not that different from being there in person I mean besides the fact meeting people being able to to have kind of that in person experience. But the thing that you cannot get virtually is a demo you can't see what a phone or TV or you know washing machine looks. Like through your computer screen, you can't see what these like sharp lead TV's looked like when you're looking at them through your laptop display. So what these companies have tried to do is make these sort of virtual demo rooms. So Samsung's is is kind of dislike virtual game. They basically worked with epic's unreal engine to make this kind of I described it as a choose your own adventure sort of demo. So you're in this Samsung designed house and. You can walk around and look at different products and basically there's the way it works. was there Press Conference and people would. Would attend that but then you could say like Oh hey, I actually went to see the ports on the back of this TV so you could stay back and look at the ports or you could use augmented reality to see what the TV looks like on your wall. LG went a little differently A kind of a game experience there's appears to be more of a youtube sort sort of videos that they have on a website where it will be. Oh, here's our wall of TV's what it looks like They kind of recreated it in the sort of Messa, the convention center what it looked like F- overall is going to have a virtual component as well and I'm very curious to see what that looks like I haven't. Seen that yet since the show starts on the third right and I mean, look these are going virtual and I appreciate that they're taking these steps to. Try to replicate the demo experience but. Is that? Is that really going to replace a? Note this in your pre today that the the lack of excitement is something that served dog the industry and I think that's partly because we can't get hands on right away. Do you think that's going to be a problem with the show? Yeah, definitely. Even. With these virtual demo rooms, they don't really solve the issue of. Feeling and and holding these in your hand or seeing them up close like it's one thing to learn about lg TV that you could roll up is awesome. It's totally different to see something like that in person and see something like that on video as opposed to a video from journalists as opposed to kind of these slick marketing videos. That's a that's a very different experience. So I think this is something that the whole industry is going to have to deal with. And experiment and I talked to Samsung's head of marketing for Europe and he said that you know they decided to do this sort of game gamified experience for EPA but they could be doing something totally different for CAS like they have to figure out you know what kind of is the best format for each event? been my last question is really like do you think these these virtual rooms or virtual experiences will be around in the long run even after the pandemic is long gone. I think that we're going to see companies really re evaluate what they do in terms of events like is it worth spending? Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend a conference in. Las. Vegas that maybe doesn't really match up with the timing for your products anyway or is it better for you to do something virtually the issue for a lot of these companies is. They don't necessarily have the cachet of a Samsung or an apple who can have their own events. So they really count on having a convention to capture a lot of journalists and a lot of interest all at once. I do think companies are going to try to figure out how to kind of keep some of this stuff around like Samsung had marketing said that that's something that they're trying to figure out is in the future. Do You kind of combine the physical and the virtual together, and it'll be really interesting to see what these companies come up with. All right. Well, thanks for your time

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