Dont Mess Up Your Recovery


Hello Mike Brands Welcome to episode Number One, Hundred Twenty six of the addiction unlimited podcast. I'm your coach, Angela Pugh. Thank you for hanging out with me today listening to the pod today. We're GONNA talk about some of the most common ways I see people when they are trying to stop drinking and just can't get it to stick right. Some of the most common ways we screw up or sobriety, and one thing I want to be clear on with this many of these are not struggles specific to addiction, right? These are struggles specific to being human. But we focus on recovery. So I'm going to make it fit with that but this is not a thing that we have and nobody else has it right? These are all things that everybody struggles with in every area of life. Some of our greatest obstacles in this journey are just human nature. We're all super committed to the big change we want to make in the beginning it's easy to be committed in the beginning you feel good your motivation is high on top of your game. The hard part is staying committed for the long game. In this is something that ninety eight percent of the population struggles with. I. Just made up that number by the way I don't know. I would say might be more than that. But so does it yourself up about it like there's something wrong with you there's nothing wrong with you. It takes practice to learn how to do things differently than you've done them for your whole life or for many years. These habits and mistakes will also pop up in different parts of Your Life at different times for me. I've made huge strides in being committed when I want to achieve something and that doesn't mean that I'm easily committed in every area of my life. Okay. I'm fantastic with commitment and dedication to my sobriety, and I'm pretty good at it with entrepreneurship because I'm a workaholic and my work is so much fun. So that's kind of easy for me. But I really struggle when it comes to other things. Time management isolation food sugar. I still fall into the trap of binge-watching, a new TV show when I should be recording a podcast or creating social media graphics or returning phone calls, and then I get way behind on things and I don't feel good about it and start beating myself up about it and Yada Yada Yada. We're not perfect creatures that will do things perfectly and make the right decision one hundred percent of the time and never make mistakes and never hurt each other's feelings and always do the right thing. Forget that thought. It's not about trying to do everything right all the time. It's about consistently learning from the decisions and actions that don't work and consistently making an effort to do the things that are good for you and make you a happier person. And you have to do it like a million times to get good at it. I get the feeling sometimes that we have this misconception that if we do things a few times, we should be finished like I went to a five or six times so I should be cured. or I worked out for two weeks. So I should totally be in shape. I ate healthy four meals. So I should have lost that ten pounds. I put in five job application so I should have a job by now. We are hard wired for instant gratification in that definitely makes things a bit more challenging, but it won't you to start thinking about it as a long game instead of a short game think about it like the actions you take today may not give you instant results. But you know by doing the right things over and over again, you're building your future in creating long-term relief in results. So, let's dig in to this list I. Put together. Number One. You've heard me say two million times. Being noncommittal meaning, you are not making an actual commitment to stop drinking. Many of us want to stop drinking for a little while. We make deals with ourselves that will stop for thirty days or sixty days or ninety days, and then you're shocked when you start drinking again and it goes terribly The truth is you wouldn't be stopping drinking if you were able to drink in moderation, right? None of us would do that if we could control it, we would. and. The unfortunate part of this lack of commitment is that it puts you in a position of having to constantly. All Day long every single day of your life you're having to decide over and over again whether or not you're going to drink. and honestly it's exhausting. Nothing will wear you down faster than being in a nonstop argument with the committee about drinking or not drinking.

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