Office of the Director of National Intelligence says it will cease in-person briefings


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence will no longer briefed Congress in person on election security a move that house speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and intelligence chairman Adam Schiff called quote a betrayal of the public's right to know how foreign powers are trying to subvert our democracy. Joining me now is the chair of the Homeland Security Committee in the Senate Republican Senator, Ron, Johnson of Wisconsin and Mr. Chairman. Thank you so much. I I want to talk about what? Happened in Portland, we saw someone get killed overnight amid clashes there, and the president has been tweeting and re tweeting before dawn this morning he called for the Mayor of Portland to resign and be arrested. He painted protesters as thugs and cities. In chaos. You are the chairman as I mentioned of the Senate Homeland. Security Committee are you comfortable with the present appearing to inflame tensions instead of what we normally see from presidents, which is trying to calm them down. Maury Dan Listen I've been urging calm across the board particularly in light of what happened here in Kenosha but as I said in opening. Statement when we had the acting secretary well before my committee when when you encourage disdain for the police, you encourage criminals when you do little or nothing to stop rioting. You encourage anarchy. So when you're encouraging criminals and anarchy. People's lives are lost you have more more and more destruction more and more violence. So what we need, we need to get control of the situation and until we until we do, we're going to have more violence we're going to have unfortunately. Prep trenchantly more loss of life. So we need to get control the situation we need to encourage calm an here's something else we need to do. We need to figure out what we do all agree on and we share the same goal. We all want to save prosperous and secure America in states and communities. Let's concentrate on those areas of grievance. That's that's how we achieved the unity everybody says they want

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