Why You Should Capitalize On Marketplace Opportunities


Nice Guy Community check this out today a hunter. He is known for his success as an architect of change and a leader of business transformation. His belief is the importance of talent culture and it's exemplified by the strong executives he has developed. He now works closely with executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and organizations to help them capitalize on marketplace opportunities and proactively address digital disruption. So what does all that stuff mean? So it means that our guest today he knows what he's talking about. He's not just a guy that talks the talk. He walks the walk as well. Welcome Tony to the Nice guys on business podcast pleasure to be hurt Doug. Thanks. For having me at love having you here man and and you know we talked a little bit in our pre interview just about some of this stuff and some of your your experience that you've been through and I love it because you've gone from publishing to pot from media to marijuana and conservative to cannabis. So can we start just a little bit with your back backstory 'cause I think it's so fascinating how you've gone from a really ultra conservative environment and publishing, and you're now into an entirely disruptive in a brand new world. So maybe share a little bit of your background and then we can take it from there. Tony. All thanks Doug I usually get asked that question that's not a straight line of course for most to think about a after a long career at Tribune company one of the greatest media companies in the world. After I left the company. There were three things I was looking for one in publishing mission. Our mission was always sold for and I wanted to have that I also love being an disruptive environment and the challenge and then third I enjoy. Building something and building a team and setting visions what I look at opportunities. On the mission side, you know cannabis a started out. In every state and I've had experience with friends and relatives that have seen the relief and benefits but disloyal cannabis and I really been attracted to that and natural medicine in general for about fifteen years now. So I started learning more about that and saw the impact it was having and I really believe that as regulations are relaxed, we're gonNA find more benefits of medicinal cannabis and so that intrigued me second clearly this is a disruptive You, know as this gains more traction more clinical trials, this will be disruptive form of treatment and medicine, and then last I believed that my experience as a an operator at Tribune and complexity was really perfectly aligned for rapidly growing company like Revolution Global, which is the Illinois based Cannabis Company that I am chairman of the board and I thought bringing those operating skills could help manage gross and really have the. Organization have the Rigor and discipline to succeed. So it wasn't that far of a stretch given my personal and belief in natural medicine but also experiences of friends and relatives that have found release is so that's how I that had brought me here and brought me to participate in this site. So you recently wrote a blog post I guess within the last couple of months and you mentioned in your blog post. Farmer versus hunter companies, and you know we're dealing in the day of this recording. Hopefully, people are listening to this five years from now what was that time in life? That was really? Challenging that that Cova dive but we're dealing right now in an environment that that you need to evolve and change rapidly or and pivot rapidly, or you're gonNA find yourself on the firing line of of extinction. So can you maybe explain this farmer and hunter mentality within organizations and see you know maybe we can create some connection between farmers and hunters and those that are in our community right now? Yes. Well, you know it's an. Older, way to look at businesses but farmers, you could just think of those as big established legacy companies. And Hunters as these emerging startups and high growth companies that are disrupting many of those legacy companies and. I really believe greatness occurs len you do and also things you know it's it's not big companies do a lot of things well, but they normally are very agile. They normally don't have this passion behind the mission and vision of the company and also their their ability to pivot to your point and drive new ideas because they're so successful in large in many times, they lose that edge and I think they could learn a lot from the hunters and maintain those real good benefits being large in scale and discipline, but add those components of. Being Agile and also creating a organizations that pivot frequently, and conversely I think a lot of times the hunter organizations. Lol. Organizations they're growing at all costs, and at some point, there's an inflection that needs to occur and use pivot that needs to occur, and they could learn a lot about building a talented leadership team having the Rigor and discipline of a large organization while maintaining. Those agility characteristics, passion conviction, innovative thinking in those. That's the essence of that blog post. Doug is learning from the strengths of one another and to be great you should do all of those things. Well, how

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