Censored? Joe Rogan Experience is missing episodes on Spotify



Hello. Everybody I have an announcement Hello Joe Rogan. What's your announcement starting on September first the entire Jr library will be available on spotify the entire. Library you say 'cause the Joe Rogan experience is now in spotify but forty-six episodes missing including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones far right journalist Milo Yannopoulos an anti Semite Owen Benjamin neither spotify nor Rogan is saying why Rogan's also announced that it becomes an exclusive on the first of December. In his podcast Adam Curry's says he's building something called podcast two point Oh. It's a new podcast that outlines an alternative to the apple podcasts directory. I. Think we've figured out some incentive for develop AC- says he'll also be on the first show from Joe Rogan's new studio in Dallas. spotify down rejecting new podcast served with non secure audio addresses according to e mail seen by pulled news audio served using HDP rather than https also doesn't play in chrome on embedded players. Apple podcast expressed a preference for https back in May two, thousand eighteen but haven't yet insisted on it. The vintage video podcasts spend three hundred and fifty dollars on ads for their show in podcast APP overcast called them one hundred and nineteen new subscriptions they say quote the campaign was worth what we paid for it. That's Nice Hobby, radio has launched hard m. n. a new podcast APP built specifically for Minnesota Nice Idea Patriot has raised nine hundred million dollars in new funding says CEO Jack Conte Patriots. Valuation is one point, two, billion dollars, and the IRA has the full sheduled for the IB podcast upfront event in September and the host comedian Francesca Ramsey. And in Podcast News, Here's how to promote your podcast a stunning story of a plastic surgeon asked by wanted terrorist to make them look unrecognizable full marks to plastic surgeon podcast for that. News from the Ramsey network is the Dr John Baloney show a show that provides real talk about life relationships and mental health challenges. It'll come out three times a week and seventy million is back for season three starting on September the fourteenth each week that people denominated podcast from Antica? Williamson. Co brings localities taking action from the school to prison pipeline. To racialist policing to the spread of covid nineteen in jail.

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