New York City Lowers Speed Limits by 5 MPH on Nine Major Streets Citywide


Cars on the roads and highways at the height of the covert lock down a few months ago, speeding was up in New York City. And while the number of open roads has decreased in recent weeks, it appears the number of speeders has not. So the city Department of Transportation has responded by lowering the speed limit by five miles an hour on nine of the city's most dangerous roadways. Duty Commissioner Polly Trodden Berg spoke to 10 10 wins Still a set of roadways out there in which the speed limit is over 25 miles an hour, So we're taking 25. Miles of those roadways, and we will be lowering the speed limit. 25 will be installing new sign it and putting up speed cameras and those air roadways in all five boroughs. There is a grace period for fines, but the lower speed limits go into effect today on parts of Riverside Drive in Manhattan, Flatbush Avenue Shore Parkway Service Road. And Dahlgren place in Brooklyn, Northern and Rockaway Boulevard in Queens, Bruckner Boulevard and Webster Avenue in the Bronx and Targhee Street on Staten Island wins

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