New York Mets Make 3 Trades Prior To Deadline

Boomer & Gio


Brodie van wagon giving up hope just yet three moves yesterday bringing back Todd Frazier they also pick up Robinson Torino's from Texas Reliever McGill Castro that was from the Marlins. Yes there I can't. There's so many there's a Miguel row house on the MARLINS. Castro's from the Marlins as well. Yes. Baltimore no more. Miguel Castro from Baltimore. There you go my apologies. That's why that's right. They're playing Baltimore tonight and they played Miami yesterday. I knew it was one of the teams they were facing this week. So got confused there. Anyway here's the thought process behind the frazier reunion from brody peaking come in he can get a big hit. He can face tough left handed pitcher he can hit a home run. You can start a game at third base he can start a game at first base and you can. Be a lot of things which makes you wonder why they let them go to begin with in the first place and apparently he can rally the clubhouse as well. Here's brody in general on adding both frazier and Torino's to the roster for bringing in two right handed bats guys that have had success against right handers in the past, which I think is something that that we wanted to balance club out with right now of course, joining us isn't much of a hitter more of a one fifty. Exactly. So that's what the mets decide to do. We'll see how it plays out for that moving

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