Michael Jared Baccala, Aman AL And Nora Dennehy discussed on Rosie on the House


Are police away from what they need to dio which thank God The police are getting these looters but There's just, you know, we're all in this Aman AL under arrest, accused of intentionally starting one of those devastating fires, Michael Jared Baccala charged with two counts of arson and multiple counts of criminal mischief. The death toll from the fires in Oregon, California and Washington climbing to atleast 19. While the 2020 campaign is in full swing. The fallout continues from Russian interference four years ago in the 2016 election. NBC's Andrew Dember tells us the DOJ official involved in investigating the matter has now quit. One of the federal prosecutors working on the probe of that 2016 Russia investigation has just resigned from the Justice Department. The Hartford current, which first reported the story, says Nora Dennehy resigned at least partly out of concern that the Russian interference investigative team was being pressed for political reason to produce a report before the work is done. History today in Doha, Taliban officials and Afghan government representatives sitting down face to face for the first time this is America continues to phase out its troops from Afghanistan. ABC is Julie McFarland has more from the foreign debt go power

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