Preventing Osteoporosis


I'm I'm told you can't but I have so many clients and I know you do too that have gone from a peanut normal decades scans are osteoporosis toss gop Seattle we've seen that it can happen it can happen. So some of the risk factors for poor poor bone quality or osteoporosis. Let's talk about bats the number one, a diet high in processed carbs i. mean no surprise there. Too much sugar flour pretzels, PASTA CEREAL IN. That will act those foods will leach minerals out of our bones. And then secondly, living on a low calorie low fat diet which you know we see so many. People especially women that have done that because bones actually need a sufficient amount of that healthy fact for the development of our critical bone mash. And that critical bone mashes made a fat and so when you have a healthy mash, that's where all the minerals are going to bind to and create that strong dense bones and we saw a real rise in osteoporosis in our country. Through the low fan heroes. So no surprise there based on what you just told. So. Our bonds need variety of minerals, lots of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, Boron, phosphorus, trace minerals, and a variety of other nutrients like B. Vitamins and Vitamin D. So you have to have the the making of the brick to make a brick, right? Yeah. So in order to make bones, we need all these different components and here are some I opening warnings about using aluminum or aluminum foil. Basically, you know none of our food or drink really should be cooked or covered in aluminum lumina foil I think through a pan out after doing that research that was aluminum because aluminum hampers the body's ability to utilize calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin-a. Also Here's another shocking piece of information, impaired memory, motor coordination, and also Alzheimer's disease and osteoporosis have been linked to systemic aluminum toxicity row too much aluminum bodies. Yeah. And I know when I was a kid we would often do foil packs on the Grill I. Loved those. Easy delicious. But of course, you know we weren't aware as the fact that aluminum foil is not good for brain our bones. You know in our weight and wellness cookbook, we actually suggests putting those meat and vegetables in a parchment bag and just cook it in the oven that way or You know there's like veggie baskets for the grill. You could do that. Instead you could even You know if you really stuck on that foil packet, you can even do parchment and then foils long doesn't touch our food idea right Yep Yep. So you're still going to be delicious. But then we're not putting yourself at risk by exposing ourselves to aluminum. That's important You know here's another starling fact that I came across In the past, we've been encouraged to drink milk to help build strong bones I know there's everybody out there is keyed in right because you have few have poor bones. You think I need to start increasing milk up because we all have been told that milk is high in calcium it's interesting to note. The countries that have the highest consumption of dairy products like the US, Finland, Britain, and Sweden and Israel they have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Win Is with that. In reality, vegetables are a far better source of available calcium. Again, high consumption of milk is linked to higher rates of osteoporosis, a study conducted in two thousand eleven. Titled Milk Intake in the risk of hip fractures in men and women found milk to be a poor source of calcium. So

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