HR 1: Good job Rookie! - burst 8


In Week one, the rams are averaging thirty one points per game in openers in his three seasons and they've outscored opponents by sixty points there three zero in openers including last season against Carolina and I just think that. You know much like you and I both believe that they're going to be in the playoff hunt and probably a playoff team I think because of that I think you're going to see some of the Best Coaching Sean McVeigh has done because he doesn't have the top echelon top tier talent that he's had previously and I just think that for all the stuff that's going on with the cowboys their stuff there you know what I mean like that doesn't have his deal right? Other guys got their deal. I know they're trying to integrate a new receiver into the mix here Jalen Ramsey is owned. Their best receiver. So it's like I feel like certain things are playing in the rams favor in this game. Particularly be looked, which is how Sean McVeigh took the NFL by storm. His first year. He was being overlooked and I am going to acknowledge that I never played in the National Football League what I'm going to acknowledge George I know it's crazy. I've never really you can be a corner right now. I. Get that a lot actually. But I will say this. I've been covering sports for twenty plus years, and the one thing that the NFL has proven damn near every single season. Since I've been played paid to cover sports George is that there's always a couple of teams if not three teens that the experts get wrong and they get it wrong because they underestimate the will. Of a French is on a mission. Yeah. They do. They miss that every single time the will of franchise on a mission why are the rams on a mission? Why? Why tell me I'm GonNa tell you. What happened last year? What happened? They missed the playoffs they did and it was embarrassing because year before that they were in the Super Bowl I know. So what do they want to prove to everyone better they to? Write that they're they're good again. Yes. There on a missing, they also just missed the but like a game too. But everyone trashed him and now do you looking up and we've had several guests in the morning show and I'm sure you did as well George of current players as well as coaching staff that when I talk about how the national media talks about them

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