Don't AT Me: Twitch Has A Stalker Problem


Thursday September ninth twitch dreamer be X. Bullet posted a tweet longer where she details her experiences with the person she alleges is zero harasser and Stalker. She calls him by name Mattie Rocket Online? He goes by specialty Poof from now on I'm going to be referring to him as suspecting according to the twit longer the problem started when be ex-bull filed a police report against spectacle alleging that he was using quote his or to lure kids into a discord server where he was being sexually inappropriate with them, sharing pornographic websites and images and possibly grooming them for exploitation and quote. Now, the that be X. bullet is referring to is inception east sports which suspect he. Founded and the report she filed to her local police department which was made public last week details alleged history of sexual misconduct, which she claims involved miners. Many of the allegations stem from the inception east sports partner discord server, which at one had over thirty, five hundred members and allegedly had multiple instances of racist and homophobic conversations and whole reason that be ex bullet not respecting is that at one point she was signed to inception east sports as it just chatting streamer it's a twenty four page report documenting in detail with screen shots, videos, and private conversations. A litany of allegations against spectator from his time running three different East sports organizations most recently with inception. To Be X. bullet spectrum somehow found out about the report that she filed and according to her. This is when the harassment began and he's been coming at me everything he has with doc seen harassment bought. Threats Tell you know telling me has my address and like. Saying things like see you soon or can't wait to come visit you kind of stuff from allegedly dachshund her repeatedly to allegedly giving her name and address to people that she describes as dark web criminals threatening to show to where she was on a recent trip and even allegedly having a naked photo of her daughter on his computer. It got to the point where be ex bullet decided to stop streaming on twitch out of fear for her and her daughter safety she. Ran In here and she had underwear on but she bolted in here and I like a lunge data and grabbed her and wrangled her out, and then I ended the stream and as I was doing that I noticed that somebody who was associated with him had clipped the incident and I deleted it right away and I deleted the five and then the next day he sent me a message saying that he had naked pictures of my three year old child saved. And he was using it to blackmail me or to threaten me or to say that he was going to try to get me banned from twitch according to her SPEC D at one point was banned from discord in connection to allegations similar to what she filed in her report. But allegedly, he uses multiple different accounts to remain on discord. She says that even some of his admins have quote emailed discord support trying to get his ulta counts band with no luck and quote now, ex bullet says that she spoke to multiple different lawyers and that due to differing state laws if she wanted to do something legally she. Have to take him to federal court, which would be extraordinarily expensive. She also says that she's reached out to her local authorities, multiple different times but that they haven't been very helpful now, I also reached out to Spec for comment and to get his perspective on the situation, and here's what he had to say it's three years ago and then no excuse for anything but I don't even remember what I did three weeks ago. So my language and talking to people are not asking every single person what their ages on discord and I don't think people do that normally and I watched I watched other youtube channels like. like mcnasty or forty and people like that, and they're talking to people. Like Like. The same way and no one has problem with it a debt why but no one raised awareness back then saying, hey, this a real big problem shouldn't be talking to the minors like this and I know it's not the right thing to do but like. Being Gaming and It's really really a toxic environment and some games, and this is what he had to say when it came to the allegations of targeted harassment towards be X. Bullet Online. So I had the address, they took it and they did. I mean they they found everything. More they found more about her than than I. Even have I, knew I knew what they were I didn't know how or they were going to act on it. I know I didn't know hey. If I give this person, this information that they're going to go really really hard on or are they just going to go look at it and be like whatever. Now, what we talked about here is only a fraction of what's alleged in be X. bullets poor, and while this might be the latest instance of stocking and online harassment in the world of twitch. Unfortunately, it's far from the only one a few months ago. Sweden. Anita who say popular twitch streamer with Threat Syndrome, went public with her own experiences dealing with targeted harassment at a sta the been stalking me quite a few months actually they've been coming to my house they've been sleeping and pretty much my backyard watching the house. The other day. Shop capers had to intervene and kind of holding back while knee chased after. According to Anita this person slept in her backyard multiple times peek through her mail slot. While she was home physically assaulted her and violated the restraining order. She filed against him multiple times. It apparently got so bad that Anita said she feared for her life. This person would bang on her door for hours at a time would constantly send her death threats. He threatened to kill me and the police response has been incredibly underwhelming after he assaulted me, I had a witness I love evidence and the police did nothing she goes on. To say that when the police eventually went to talk to this person about the alleged assault, he was on his way to see her and he allegedly had a knife on him after months of Anita pushing for something to happen. She says that recently the police press charges and this guy was given a suspended sentence of two months in prison and basically a suspended sentences where you're found guilty of whatever you've been charged with by you probably won't be spending any time in prison

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