Talking about hurricane tropical storms Sally last night. But it was



Was thinking about this last night. Talking about hurricane tropical storms Sally last night. But it was it was late at night. And I'm thinking about you know you're in this hurricane hunter and you're flying into a damn hurricane. Well, a tropical storm you flying into a tropical storm. Over the Gulf of Mexico and then I thought about what that must be like at night. I mean, those are great great pilots. I mean those air like top notch pilots to fly into a hurricane. Even at night. And I got to tell you, I would. I would love to go. Look, I'm not crazy about turbulence when I fly, Maybe it that I mean, this doesn't scare me that much. But about that, you know, scared because I know that planes can take it, But I would love to go. I would love to go in on a hurricane hunter plane just to experience going through. Ah! A hurricane like that. Could've been those to be those guys and women. Those men and women. They're heroes. Anyway, I just thought about that last night. Okay, look, let's let's relive this moment. It was late in the game, and it looked like the Saints had this one. But sometimes the Saints we've talked about this a lot over the last few years. They seem to sometimes lack of killer instinct. And there are many times last year. When we talked about the Saints losing games they were headed and they lost because they lost the moment. Um Because they didn't have the killer instinct. They had this sub conscious sense that hate we've got this game one That's the way it appears to fans. And so yesterday when the Saints appeared to be in a position to win the game. Sean Payton wasn't going to just sit back and relax. He called this trick play, which was really great Second six breach under center Taysom Hill motions right to left, and they get to him and they're gonna throw one out of Camaro wide open in the 25. He's one on one cuts

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